Producing, Mixing & Mastering

Making heavy music sound modern but organic.




I will take the raw sound of any recording and grind it to its final form. The result will be huge and full of energy. 


Mastering is the last finishing touch. I will take the mix and make it loud and round to be able to compete with those big records.



Recording (R), Reamping (RA), Mixing (M), Mastering (MA)

* This track is used with permission by Young Ghosts and URM Academy. The original production     and mix was done by Nick Pilotta. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual         release


Felix Jeckstadt is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer from Germany.
After years of playing in bands, he reached the point where he wanted to record his music and got infected by the constant strive for the perfect sound.

That was the beginning of Soundgrind Studio

Since then he worked with well known artists in the Rock and Metal scene, such as Uneven Structure, and worked for labels like Long Branch Records.

The goal of mixing a song is not just to make it sound as good as possible, but to make it transfer the vision of the song without the listener spending a single thought about the sonic qualities.” – Jordan Valeriote



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Felix Jeckstadt 

Hammersteinstraße 104

31137 Hildesheim


tel.: +49 151 51001238


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